Friday, June 24, 2016

Newest Member of the Family

This is Willow, she is a spit fire little bunny we adopted recently from the NH SPCA. We lost our dear Guillermo who we adopted last November unexpectantly and he left a big hole in my heart, along with 2 other rabbits we have lost over the past 15 months. Bunnies are absolutely amazing little creatures. I highly recommend that anyone who is considering adopting a bunny do their homework first. Rabbits have special needs, they need unlimited timothy hay, appropriate veggies, water, fresh, clean cages and socialization - Oh, don't forget having them fixed! They can be litterbox trained and love out of cage time to interact with their human friends and  get exercise. The thing about rabbits is- they LOVE to chew. So be fore warned, having a bunny is like having a baby or puppy - You MUST bunny proof the part(s) of your house that you will allow your bun to roam. This means electrical cords, possibly carpet and anything wood is up for grabs in a bunnies mind. Despite best efforts we have lost a few things or have had things torn up (like phone cords, mouse cords and carpet) but we love our little bunny friends and can live with or replace the damaged items. This year we have had a family of cotton tails in our back yard. SO much fun to watch and I am happy to share the dandelions and clover with them :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring is Here 2014!

Chip - My 40th surprise birthday gift from my husband
At Benson's in Hudson NH
Spotted Salamander found in our flower bed      
So spring is finally here after a loooong winter. We have been able to get out some and do some letterboxing. We love exploring new places and revisiting our favorites. My cousin surprised me with a new camera and I am having fun trying it out. My 40th birthday was in April, my husband who does not normally celebrate birthdays surprised me by adopting a new member of the family. He was waiting for me when I got home from work. He also surprised me by hosting a LTC tracker in honor of nurses and had people mail the stamp they carved as well. We found a great trail we are going to plant them on, can't wait to get them out so people can find them! Looking forward to this summer. I started a new job this past Februrary so I have not wanted to ask for too much time off! I am also in the process of working on my Bachelor's Degree through Excelsior College. We just hosted our 2nd letterboxing event at Wakeda Campground this past weekend. The event went awesome, I only would have liked to have warmer nights. Sleeping in a tent at 40 something degree left something to be desired. Looking forward to more camping, letterboxing, socializing with friends. Will try to do better to keep this blog more up to date!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

Well, it is another New Year. Another chance at starting over, finishing projects left undone, attempting to eat healthier, trimming down the waistline, new adventures, creating new projects, putting money in the savings account for a rainy day or whatever it is that we promise we will do for this coming year. I personally hope this year is less trying than 2012. Yes, 2012 had some great moments but is also had some moments I would rather not repeat. I guess when you get down to it, we could say that about most years, but 2012 had more of those moments than some other years. Some positive moments for 2012.....owning our first home, camping twice with amazing people in our letterboxing world, getting a job as a visting nurse per diem, our 2nd son graduating high school and finding out during graduation that 2nd son worked on creating and making an outside classroom for his school. Of course, I cannot forget my trip to Houston last Memorial Day weekend to visit my cousin Rob.
Well, here's to 2013, hoping it will be better, wiser, healthier, happier, more adventurous and more successful!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

My beautiful backyard!

I loooove Spring! The flowers are just amazing and the birds.........the birds are just so much fun to watch. We have blue birds, wrens and 3 baby chipping sparrows. The hummingbirds, robins, cedar waxwings, red winged black birds, gold finches are just a few of the other daily visitors right now. I come home from work and just look forward to seeing what comes to our feeders and yard while I am cooking dinner and washing dishes. I feel like a child on Christmas morning. Even though we have had some of these same birds, year after year, they just never cease to amaze me. The wrens swooping down to catch a bug for their young or a robin pulling a big old earthworm from the grass, running with it from another bird. Oh, and we have a tree toad living in our garden hose holder! Did I mention how much I love Spring?

3 Baby chipping Sparrows

Day Lilly

Clematis -( where the chipping sparrow's nest is)

Mountain Laurel

Tree Toad

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A wonderful surprise!!

Actually, I have had two surprises in the matter of days! My first surprise was when I got home from work this past Thursday; while my hubby and I were walking the dog, he pulled out plane tickets from his pocket!! Yes, I am going to Texas this Memorial Day weekend. I had asked for some time off a while ago to make a looong weekend hoping to go visit family (mostly my cousin); but realized I just didn't have the money for it. Soooo, my wonderful husband worked out a plan and surprised me with a ticket - round trip of course ;)
I am looking forward to some R&R and catching up with Bob and just having a break from it all.

 Rye, NH October 2010
 Me with my cousin -Bob

My second surprise was today, when I was weeding a flower bed ......
I was looking at my clematis vine, thinking of taking off some dead branches and too my surprise, I found a nest! That's why this little chipping sparrow has been fussing at me :)
Decided to leave the dead branches.......didn't want to do anything to disturb mama birds nest.
I have discovered how hard it is to take a really good bird picture. Of course, having a really nice camera would help. Every time the bird is in close range, I don't have the camera - sigh....
Every time I have the camera.....the bird doesn't come close enough - double sigh!

Well, you will just have to take my word for it that we have two nesting boxes that are occupied in our back yard. One has a blue bird family and the other a wren family. The beautiful orioles have been visiting our feeders and we have caught a few glimpses of the hummingbirds. Oh, we also saw a painted turtle crossing our yard pic, sorry

                       Just a few more things from our yard...

Monday, May 7, 2012


We went to Cheshire, CT this weekend for a Letterboxing event held by Teeker, 2 Irish Chicks, The Flip Flopper and Pixie and the Sprites. This was one of the most fantastic events we have gone to. Those who attended the event did some volunteer work for the Riverbound Farm Sanctuary that is managed by the Audubon Society. We met some fabulous people (letterboxers and non letterboxers). As the saying goes "many hands make light work". We love it there so much that Bubbaloo Magoo and I want to go back sometime just to help out and tour the place again. The farm house from the 1800's is very is a learning center with exhibits.

Of course there were letterboxes on the propety and we made sure we took time to get those while we were there too!

On Sunday we stopped in Sturbrige Mass to get a series by Thumbelinda and Talldave at a beautiful State Park. We got to look down on what we believe were either Hawks or Osprey's nesting grounds.

We also saw our first Lady Slipper for this Spring!

We were hoping to get to see the fantastic moon Saturday night; but unfortunately the clouds never cleared where we were in CT.

Just top the whole entire weekend I came home from work to find that the Orioles and humming bird are back. And anonymous person sent me a gift  in the mail today! This is definately a weekend to remember!

Friday, April 20, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Spring has sprung here in NH!! We had such a mild winter this year and we definately need rain; but depsite that, the plants in our yard are just stunning. And best of all, the deer haven't eaten my tulips for the first time!

This primrose is one of my favorites and has done so well! I selected this a few years ago after reading that it does well in poor, wet soil. It is true. The area that I planted this is a shady, wet, clay area of our yard. I don't have to do any maintenance and every spring it has just been a beauty

Another favorite .......Vinca minor, it makes such a lovely ground cover and no maintenance required.


Apple Blossom - Maybe this year we will have apples!!

ground phlox - another early spring beauty that makes me smile!
The birds are fun to watch, we have several feeders and each year it is like Christmas to me when the birds return. The robins, cardinals, gold finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches, black-capped chickadees.....are just a few of the birds we see daily. I am waiting for the first sight of the Baltimore Orioles and Ruby-throated's only a matter of time and we should see them return too. Oh, I cannot forget the wrens that return every year to build a nest in our bird house.......