Friday, October 24, 2008


I finally have balance in my life. Have you ever felt off balance? Last May I decided that work was consuming way too much of my life. I loved what I was doing and how I was able to help others BUT I was neglecting myself and the people I love most in my own home. I have been working at an allergy & asthma MD's office for 5 months now and for once in a very long time, enjoying life. I love my job and I don't have to bring it home or work weekends/holidays. Today was my day off and my husband and I got to take a walk on a lovely Fall day at Sandy Point Disovery Center. We also went to our local animal shelter, by my initiation of course, and would have brought at least one dog home (like I need another). Of course, that's why I make sure I go with my husband there because left on my own, I would bring a whole car load of animals home. If I hadn't become a nurse, I definately would have done something w/animals. Life is way too short, not to take some time to enjoy the beauty of this world and the people that you go through this life with. Balance- It Feels Good!!

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