Monday, May 7, 2012


We went to Cheshire, CT this weekend for a Letterboxing event held by Teeker, 2 Irish Chicks, The Flip Flopper and Pixie and the Sprites. This was one of the most fantastic events we have gone to. Those who attended the event did some volunteer work for the Riverbound Farm Sanctuary that is managed by the Audubon Society. We met some fabulous people (letterboxers and non letterboxers). As the saying goes "many hands make light work". We love it there so much that Bubbaloo Magoo and I want to go back sometime just to help out and tour the place again. The farm house from the 1800's is very is a learning center with exhibits.

Of course there were letterboxes on the propety and we made sure we took time to get those while we were there too!

On Sunday we stopped in Sturbrige Mass to get a series by Thumbelinda and Talldave at a beautiful State Park. We got to look down on what we believe were either Hawks or Osprey's nesting grounds.

We also saw our first Lady Slipper for this Spring!

We were hoping to get to see the fantastic moon Saturday night; but unfortunately the clouds never cleared where we were in CT.

Just top the whole entire weekend I came home from work to find that the Orioles and humming bird are back. And anonymous person sent me a gift  in the mail today! This is definately a weekend to remember!


tiggermama said...

yeah! a blog!i just found it. cool pictures of all the flowers in your yard!
peace, tigs

NurseC said...

Yeah, you're the first person ever to comment on my blog :) Thanks Tigs!!