Friday, June 24, 2016

Newest Member of the Family

This is Willow, she is a spit fire little bunny we adopted recently from the NH SPCA. We lost our dear Guillermo who we adopted last November unexpectantly and he left a big hole in my heart, along with 2 other rabbits we have lost over the past 15 months. Bunnies are absolutely amazing little creatures. I highly recommend that anyone who is considering adopting a bunny do their homework first. Rabbits have special needs, they need unlimited timothy hay, appropriate veggies, water, fresh, clean cages and socialization - Oh, don't forget having them fixed! They can be litterbox trained and love out of cage time to interact with their human friends and  get exercise. The thing about rabbits is- they LOVE to chew. So be fore warned, having a bunny is like having a baby or puppy - You MUST bunny proof the part(s) of your house that you will allow your bun to roam. This means electrical cords, possibly carpet and anything wood is up for grabs in a bunnies mind. Despite best efforts we have lost a few things or have had things torn up (like phone cords, mouse cords and carpet) but we love our little bunny friends and can live with or replace the damaged items. This year we have had a family of cotton tails in our back yard. SO much fun to watch and I am happy to share the dandelions and clover with them :)

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